Hammertoe Treatment in Richmond, VA

A hammertoe deformity is a crooked toe that can cause pain and often are seen when you look at your feet. You may have this problem on more than one foot or with more than one toe.

Hammertoe Treatment Diagrams in Richmond, VA

Signs You Need a Hammertoe Doctor

Dr. Duke offers non-surgical and or a minor procedure to treat hammertoe that will not involve bone removal. There are alternative solutions before you make opt for bone surgery.

Signs and Symptoms of Hammertoe:

  •  It hurts when you bend your toe
  •  Your toe joint swells and appears red
  •  Toes hurt in your shoes
  •  Corns develop on the top of your foot
  •  Walking causes the ball of your toe to hurt in shoes

Expertise from Our Hammertoe Doctor

Dr. Duke is a Board Certified podiatrist has more than 30 years of experience in the field.  He specializes in the ankle and foot.  We are pleased to provide you state of the art solutions that get you the relief you need to resume your physical activity.  

Surgical Solutions for Hammertoe Treatment

If you are in pain, call our office to be seen right away.  We keep appointments available so you can be seen as quickly as possible.  Whether you are an existing patients or a new one, you can see our podiatrist quickly

We serve patients in Richmond, Bon Air, Glen Allen, Short Pump, Chester, Chesterfield as well of all surrounding communities.

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