Foot Injury in Richmond, VA

Prevent damage to your feet and ankles by being proactive about any injuries you experience. For over 30 years, Dr. Duke Podiatrist has specialized in treating the ankles and feet. We keep appointments available for situations that require immediate treatment, including any ankle or foot injury in Richmond, VA.

Stabilize Your Ankle Injury During the Healing Process

Wearing a boot or a walking cast after an injury to your foot can speed the healing process and hold your foot in place as it should be held. Continuing your routine as usual can aggravate the damage even further. Before you find yourself living with a lifelong issue, come to our podiatrist for a consultation. A boot or cast holding you back for a couple of weeks is a small price to pay if it means you will walk with ease for the rest of your life.

Recover Faster with Our Ankle Injury Doctor

Because we specialize in the ankles and feet, our team understands the essentials of correcting injuries. The bones and tendons in the ankles or feet are extremely essential, but also sensitive. When irritated or injured, you may only be aggravating a serious condition. Seeking medical care from our board-certified podiatrist can make all of the difference in recovering quickly or experiencing discomfort for a lifetime. With a targeted and customized treatment plan, our ankle injury doctor can provide you with the care you need.

Fracture & Ingrown Nail Foot Injury in Richmond, VA

Consultations with Our Foot Injury Doctor

Relieve your pain and get on track to recover when you come to our foot injury doctor. We are happy to provide you with a consultation with an honest opinion about the condition of your foot or ankle. By relying on his more than 30 years of experience, our podiatrist is able to assess and diagnose all podiatric conditions. The goal for every patient is always to achieve wellness and comfort in the best way for an individual situation. 

For your injury, contact us for an appointment concerning a foot injury. We are proud to serve patients in Richmond, Bon Air, Glen Allen, Short Pump, and Chesterfield, Virginia, as well as the surrounding communities.
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